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    Trade Solution 4.0

    We offer a comprehensive trade solution for your company

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    Food, Cosmetics & Drugs

    We support compliance with food, drug and cosmetics agencies (like FDA and ANVISA)

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    Alcohol & Tobacco

    We support compliance with alcohol beverage and tobacco regulations (like TTB and MAPA)

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    • About Us
    • Our Mission

    The B2B TradeCenter facilitates and supports business transactions between companies from different countries.

    We are part of B2USA, the largest network of online B2B marketplaces in the Americas, with offices in Brazil, USA and affiliates in Colombia and China. Our group’s mission is to provide both online and offline foreign trade solutions to support Small and Medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

    With the growing demand for business generated online through our platforms, the B2B TradeCenter is the offline channel specialized in doing business for SMBs that want to engage in cross border business transactions.

    With a team specialized in foreign trade, we can provide both import and export solutions for your company.

    To be the one-stop solution for your company to expand business globally.

    We were created with the mission of helping SMBs to expand internationally through foreign trade.

    We offer all the resources and know-how of B2USA, the largest network of B2B marketplaces in the Americas, with localized services for USA, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Argentina and Brazil, to empower your company to do business worldwide.

    Find out more about how we can help you!

    Our Services

    We provide comprehensive foreign trade solutions

    Food, Cosmetics & Drug Compliance

    All countries have agencies regulating products such as medicines, cosmetics, beverages, food and veterinary drugs such as the FDA in the USA and ANVISA in Brazil.

    We help you navigate the entire process to enable and adapt your company and products to your target market(s).

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    Alcohol & Tobacco Compliance

    All countries have agencies regulating alcoholic beverages and tobacco products such as the TTB in the USA and MAPA in Brazil.

    We help you navigate the entire process to enable and adapt your company and products to your target market(s).

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    Trade Solution 4.0

    Our exclusive, comprehensive foreign trade solution combines everything your company needs to export or import as we act as part of your company.

    Merging online and offline strategies, our experienced team of trade experts performs services from prospecting clients to negotiating the sale to arranging the export of your products.

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    Quoting & Booking Freight

    We can quote and book freight for you through our extensive network of logistics providers or you can quote and book yourself through B2B Freight, a leading online freight platform enabling 100% online freight booking with a global presence.

    B2B Freight digitizes international freight forwarding services with the aim of simplifying worldwide logistics and facilitating your business, moving from packages to heavy loads.

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    Do you want to start importing certain products or need to find a new supplier?

    We provide sourcing services to find the best suppliers from target market(s) arranging samples, estimating total landed costs and negotiating the best prices for you.

    Our key sourcing markets are the USA, China and Latin America.

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    Other Services

    How can we help your company to export? We support your company with several international services:

    • Local representation in international markets
    • Develop your plan to internationalize including target markets and clients
    • Prepare your company for trade fairs
    • Provide translation services
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    We are proud to be a part of amazon's international network of service providers for entrepreneurs

    We are part of a select group of companies recommended by Amazon to help companies that want to sell through their marketplace.

    Through Amazon SPN, we help companies that need FDA Registration, label review, ingredients review, FSMA (supplier to USA) plan and FSVP (importer in USA) plan and agency.

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