icone de comex

An exclusive foreign trade solution for your company to expand internationally.

icone de estrela A unique model combining
both online and offline strategies;
pessoas A dedicated,
multidisciplinary team;
globo Complete access to the largest
network of B2B marketplaces in the Americas.

Why should you get the complete Trade Solution (COMEX 4.0)?

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Multidisciplinary Team

Professionals specialized in digital marketing and foreign trade dealmaking

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Cost x Benefit

Outsourcing your foreign trade team at a much lower cost than creating yourself

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Greatest Reach

The largest network of online B2B marketplaces in the Americas driving new business for your company

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International Presence

Offices and affiliates in Brazil,
USA, Colombia and China

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Using the latest technology and techniques in foreign trade in service of your company

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Comparative Advantage

You let us take care of your company's foreign trade business while you focus on your core business.

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Some of our clients:

  • metavila
  • labone
  • cafe imperius
  • crisalida
  • amazon breeze
  • aella

We will be your company's foreign trade department, combining
technology and marketing to generate new business

Trade services


  • Diagnosis and Analysis of the company's internationalization;
  • Planning and target and new market research;
  • Competitive intelligence and strategy;
  • Commercial promotion and prospection of potential buyers in target markets;
  • Negotiation of all opportunities generated through online and offline services.


  • Analysis of the Digital Market;
  • Development and hosting of an exclusive Landing Page in different languages ​​to generate new opportunities and optimized to generate leads (SEO).
  • Digital Marketing Campaigns (SEM);
  • Mailings to our online B2B marketplaces’ database of 1000s of buyers;
  • Exposure on the main pages of the largest network of B2B marketplaces in the Americas;

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